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The Pod Squad

The Mod Squad
"They were young, and they used to be in trouble – that is, until Captain Adam Greer  found them and set them on the straight and narrow as undercover cops."

Like the Mod Squad, The Pod Squad is undercover, (well maybe just under the cover of hope), with an aim to putting the straight and narrow back into justice.

Even if it is just talk. Talk, talk, talk. You tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on....suddenly there is "viral" talk going on.

Share a thought. What will help you? Post a comment. Share a link.

It's hard enough in this world without the orange jump suit following you everywhere you go, makin' trouble...

  • How did you overcome a struggle?
  • What resources have you found to help you?
  • Do you believe we can make it better? 

Don't give up. Top Bunkie was overheard lately saying (when she was worrying others about her giving up), "Oh, I'd die if I killed myself; I just couldn't live with that." 

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