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Monday, June 4, 2012

Running In The Pod With Shower Shoes


     I had always been into working out; used to run 5 K.s back in the day (even made my sis do one with me that I have a picture to blackmail her with). So to keep my sanity, I decided to start running around the POD! It was very small. I would run and count my laps and when it got to 1000 I went by the clock yes, we even had a clock. Joy, joy. Nothing like watching the minutes click by while you’re in The Waiting Place…..
     I would run until I felt the “runner’s high” (anything to get a lift in my mind and spirit).
     I don’t know about you out there, but I believe my mind is missing an enzyme that it needs to function properly.  I have abused myself to prove this wrong but it comes down to the same realization, something is not quite right! Lord, take the madness. Too bad I won’t let go to let God.  That’s a hard one. To completely surrender yourself to Faith is a little tough. You tend to backtrack when you don’t even realize it.  But God is good. I just have to get out of my own way, easier said than done, and go through the door that he has opened for me. I think I try too hard and blow it out of the water.  Can you relate?  Does anyone out there have a similar dilemma? I wish you would let me know. I would love feedback.
     So to finish my story…. My feet were breaking down because we only had shower shoes; but being determined, I put a Kotex in each shoe and it was wonderful for a minute (until I kept getting busted for being out of compliance and using prison property wrongly)…But I stood tall and defied them.  Somehow they knew I would go insane without my running..