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Monday, June 4, 2012

Running In The Pod With Shower Shoes


     I had always been into working out; used to run 5 K.s back in the day (even made my sis do one with me that I have a picture to blackmail her with). So to keep my sanity, I decided to start running around the POD! It was very small. I would run and count my laps and when it got to 1000 I went by the clock yes, we even had a clock. Joy, joy. Nothing like watching the minutes click by while you’re in The Waiting Place…..
     I would run until I felt the “runner’s high” (anything to get a lift in my mind and spirit).
     I don’t know about you out there, but I believe my mind is missing an enzyme that it needs to function properly.  I have abused myself to prove this wrong but it comes down to the same realization, something is not quite right! Lord, take the madness. Too bad I won’t let go to let God.  That’s a hard one. To completely surrender yourself to Faith is a little tough. You tend to backtrack when you don’t even realize it.  But God is good. I just have to get out of my own way, easier said than done, and go through the door that he has opened for me. I think I try too hard and blow it out of the water.  Can you relate?  Does anyone out there have a similar dilemma? I wish you would let me know. I would love feedback.
     So to finish my story…. My feet were breaking down because we only had shower shoes; but being determined, I put a Kotex in each shoe and it was wonderful for a minute (until I kept getting busted for being out of compliance and using prison property wrongly)…But I stood tall and defied them.  Somehow they knew I would go insane without my running..

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  1. First time I saw Aldia she was wearing Lime green Doc Martins and I just knew I knew her from somewhere I said your a Libra arent you she smiled her beautiful Alida smile and said YES I said october Eighth ? She just lit up and no I could not have met her before not in this life anyway I just know I Loved her Long before I met her and Forever after and she didnt have to die the lies and those responsible caused her to lose faith hope and the strength to see how valueable she was and how happy she would have been in the place of new beginings Kill Devil Hills Dare County OBX Damm them for what they did Damn them for what they caused Damn them for what they are Alida was beautifil in form spirit and heart and they helped cause her doubts and death May thier sins over take them