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Monday, May 28, 2012

Get Up, You Ain't Hurt

Rude Awakening: County time

     Waiting, waiting and more waiting to see what you’re really in for; no pun intended.  I remember when I got arrested I was not thinking of the extent of what was to come. Reality hadn’t set in yet. I was busy soaking in the whole process of being processed.  I started to get sober and then I knew this was not going to be enjoyable. I had no idea…. I had acquired sprained or bruised ribs beforehand and was very uncomfortable. Oh well; get over it! The next day, they had to transfer me to a different county about an hour or more away. So goes the whole process again. My new home, county jail! If I remember right I spent 6 months in county or more. I try not to think about it.


     Welcome to the world of gray.  I was taken to “the pod” to be stared at and judged by all. By then I was starting to feel the effects of no chemicals in my body.  I was getting Sober! SON. OF. A. BITCH. EVERYTHING'S. REAL.  With my hurting ribs I was blessed to get the Top Bunk.  Not funny!  Nothing like trying to jump up on a top, hard bunk with no sheets, no pillow, just good ole gray plastic, afraid that you’ll step on the Bunkie below, whom you know not.  Please let it be someone nice.

     Hey Readers of One Flew Over The Chain-Link, let’s play a game?  During the time you were on “vacation” how many Bunkies did you have? Let’s count and compare.
     They say variety is the spice of life. It did keep things a little more interesting.  This is a good game to play when you’re about to be released and you’re in THE WAITING PLACE. (refer to “Oh, the Places
You’ll Go!” By Dr. Seuss)   
     I do have to say most of my Bunkies were very bearable, save one who I will make a whole separate post on later, Momma Rosa. (stay tuned)  
     Some were very near and dear (for a minute) but all were a teacher one way or the other and most were not to be trusted.  This you found out too late, all part of the learning, ha! It’s so nice to be able to laugh about it now.

     See you all again soon.

Luv, Top Bunkie


  1. Alida Joyce Hughes Died Feburary ninth Twenty Thirteen in Saint Davids Az She lost her identity and had nothing left to believe in

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    2. She didn't loose her identity. She lost hope that she could ever find an identity that she could live peacefully with. Please identify yourself or keep your speculations to yourself. I'm her sister. I knew her better than anyone other than God.

  2. you have an obiturary an memorial now Blessed Be Good Intentions (In this world or the next) Eternal Family Eternal Love

  3. Its been almost five years You havent been forgotton unmourned or unmissed a single day since you left this world .,. You once were and will be forever Good Intention Family Tribe ...